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The Poverty

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" Poverty "

Now nobody come to my door.

Because now I become poor.

Nobody never seen,

Who are my kith and kin.

Now they have not eager,

Because they think I become like a beggar.

Ups and down comes everyone's life,

So it is time to time swipe.

I have dictionary search,

But I have never seen that poverty is a curse.

When it comes and when it goes ?

Nobody knows.

So hate the poverty but not the poor,

Because anytime it comes at your door.

Everyone will overcome it,

When they were able to financial fit.

So help the poor but not hate poor.

Because this miserable situation may come anytime at your door.

So love the poor.

Then you feel never sad anymore.

As the poverty is not a curse,

So please give the poor mercy.

© 2022 Lubasana

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