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The Pouring Rain

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Here It Comes

I can hear the burst

Like a group of children in a classroom on the last day of school

You can't control them

They go from quiet one minute to extremely loud the next

Not one sound can be understood

Soon it goes from a low buzz sound to a loud roar

I look out my window and you can see individual droplets caught on the screen

Frozen in time

The dark rain clouds closing in

Rain off and on all day

I cut my lawn for the last time yesterday

I have a mulching mower

That cuts up the leaves and the grass at the same time

I love that mower

No raking needed

The leaves are ground up so fine

They go back into the ground

Giving the grass much needed nutrients

The acorns are another story

I pile them up and make a squirrel home

Then if I have any extras

If they are broken or just too many

I add them to my driveway

It's free

Saving both time and money

Instead of buying more gravel

Our gravel disappears over time

It sinks into the ground

So these little guys raise the height of my driveway

I get to keep the rustic country look

I enjoy listening to them crack

When we walk on them or drive over many at the same time with the car

Maybe close to a thousand of them

They are everywhere

When you have oak trees

Most people dread them

I welcome them with my open palms

I am off today

Occasionally I will leave my home and take a walk

In the pouring rain

I can feel my pant legs and socks how they get instantly wet

I remember as a kid

When it rained and we walked to school

How we had to sit in our wet clothes all day

Then when we were just about ready to go home

They were dry

Then we walked in the rain again

Splashing in the puddles along the way

Getting wet didn't matter

We would be home soon

Then we would change into our play clothes

Hanging up our school clothes on a metal coat hanger to air dry

Rain makes you feel at ease

The wind and the rain go together like brother and sister

Have a happy rainy day !

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