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The Positive Effects of Forgiveness

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

Forgiveness sets you free.

Forgiveness sets you free.

The Positive Effects of Forgiveness

It’s difficult to find a person, who has not been hurt by someone.

Unfortunately, this usually happens with those persons, who are very close to you, relatives, friends and others.

As is the popular saying, words can hurt more than the weapons.
The hurtful words can be more emotionally devastating, rather than any physical wound.

Spoken words can hurt your feelings, make you angry, bitter, and may also give rise to a feeling of revenge.

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness can mean different things to different people.

But, broadly it means letting go, forgetting the hurt, and move on in life.

In any case, it doesn’t mean forgetting about the hurt.
It is a positive attribute, and possessed by few people. One needs to be mentally strong, and with an open mind, to be able to forgive others.
Forgiveness brings peace to self and to others, which is important to move forward in life.

Forgiveness is important for your emotional health

Forgiveness is important for your emotional health

Some Positive Effects of Forgiveness

While I do believe, that it’s not easy to forget, but we must try to forgive people, who have hurt us, with their words or actions.

This is important because of the positive effects it has on our emotional health.

  • For improved mental health.
  • For maintaining the blood pressure.
  • For good heart health.
  • For avoiding anxiety, depression, stress, and negativity.
  • For your own self control and self esteem.
  • For getting sound sleep.
  • For boosting your immune system.
  • For healthier and happier relationships.
  • For moving ahead constructively in life.
  • For setting yourself free of any guilt, or remorseful feeling

Forgiveness— Poem

On that fateful day,

My trust was wronged,

My heart was broken,

You didn’t think twice,

Before hurting me,

With your hurtful words,

I couldn’t imagine,

I cried, and waited,

And, waited for long,

Your apology never came,

You were not sorry,

Two days, two weeks,
I was anxious, unhappy,

I wanted to ‘forgive’ you,

But, how long could I wait,

Life is short,

Life is fleeting,

Life is beautiful,

We all leave one day,

There is no time to waste,

No time for sorrow,

I ‘forgive’ you,

I let it go,

And now, I feel free.


“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

— Paul Boose.

“”To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”

— Lewis. B. Smedes.

“”The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

—Mahatma Gandhi.

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