The Polar RHYMES

Updated on November 26, 2017

Merry Christmas to all from my family to yours. Have a happy one

The Polar Express

A boy and his sister.
Are told by their father and mother.
That Santa is on his way.
His sister dreams of him on his sleigh.
But the boy questions his existence.
Until he becomes a witness.
On a train called the POLAR EXPRESS.
That's departing to Santa's nest.
The conductor advises that he gets on board.
The boy then meets other children on board.
He befriends a sweet little girl.
& a kid that knows everything about the world.
The train suddenly slows down.
For another child that feels down.
The conductor chants all aboard.
But the child hesitates to come aboard.
Once the train starts moving.
Billy starts running.
The hero boy aborts the train.
Applies the brakes so he can get on the train.
Even on the train, he is distant.
Seeing all the happy children.
While the conductor gets hot chocolate.
Prepared for all the children.
The young girl tries getting to Billy.
While the hero boy is discovering.
The girl's ticket wasn't punched.
The ticket flies to a place where it can't be touched.
Then it eventually flies back.
But the conductor only sees that.
She doesn't have a ticket.
So the Hero-boy offers his ticket.
The conductor is very angry.
Reminding that there's no transferring.
No transferring tickets.
So he takes her for a walk.
While they walk they talk.
They walk on the roof.
While the hero boy is in pursuit.
Pursuing him and the girl.
He finds a man that reveals.
That Santa may not really be real.
It's more to it than what you feel.
They join together to find the girl.
Running into struggles to find the girl.
They soon meet up.
He finds the girl in a rough.
In a rough spot. She's driving the train.
While the actual drivers scream to be saved.
She is forced to stop it.
The conductor comes and shouts about it.
Until he sees the real reason.
Its a herd of deer in front of it.
They get them to clear the tracks.
They then get back on track.
But once the train starts moving.
They feel it accelerating.
They then go on a roller coaster ride.
Then stops and ends up on its side.
They then notice the ice cracking.
Then realize they must keep moving.
The train still slides on the ice.
But gets back on track very nice.
The train rides to the top of a mountain.
They see the toys that were mistreated.
Then later they hear Billy Singing.
The girl sings with him.
Then the conductor tells all of them.
That they have reached the north pole.
Seeing it is so beautiful.
But Billy still's in denial.
The Girl and the hero boy.
Convinces him that Christmas is a joy.
But their cabin departs.
Then it starts.
Taking them on a ride.
They hear music inside.
The trio follows the sound.
Feeling that the sound.
is really Santa's sleigh.
The girl is leading the way.
Eventually, they find his warehouse.
Hearing the workers talking about.
Talking about who's naughty and nice.
The trio still searches for the life.
They are running into clues.
In the end, they find good news.
After seeing the city.
The meet Santa preparing.
Preparing to make the deliveries.
He has his elves reattaching.
Reattaching the cart that was lost.
So the kids get home at any cost.
They return home and see.
That Santa is real. Time to start believing.

Tom Hanks
Daryl Sabara
Hero Boy
Peter Scolari
Nona Gaye
Hero Girl

Robert Zemeckis


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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