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The Point of Attack

In the wake fearful tempers outraged children
Their fathers dead without mercy only laughter
To the conqueror no witnesses no retribution
Where is God what did he say life ever after

In the mist of the war
We are history nothing more
Our heroes saving everyone but themselves

How can this be we know the truth helpless feeling
First they kill then they lie we made them this way
So they say it's their conscience still they sleep
Now we wait crying and hoping it's why we pray

Inside a bomb
There's no right only wrong
No matter how loud are heavens bells

Will it end money changers only they know
What does he want our attention crazy eyes
There's no peace only dreams the ruthless survive
Until God the avenging angel removes his disguise

Innocence burials
Of children and the animals
As their souls echo inside the sea shells

© 2022 Mark Lecuona

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