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Words of a Plentiful Tree (a Short Stanza Related to Deforestation)

Nikita is an avid writer, that's using hubpages as a platform to showcase her literary talents to the world.


A Trees Reflection Towards Mankind

I stand here, with my roots underground

Witnessing the world twist and turn, longing for the past to revert

All my companions now cut down & made into obsolete items

I wonder and count my days till it’s my turn to meet the same fate.

Been alive for a century, I have learned a plenty, and have witnessed plenty

My wish is to pass on that will to humans, the future of this planet

Yet I’m horrified of how murderous these beings are

While I’m bountiful, plentiful, and beautiful

They will not bat an eye before taking a swing at my trunk

I provide them with fruits, oxygen, and shade

The humans provide me with nothing but misery.

Oh! Foolish beings, you have chopped down my compadres

And, in time you will chop me down as well; But! Know this,

For I am a plentiful plant

Whose sole purpose, was to provide you with air but once you bring me down

And my roots shrivel up underneath the ground a terrible doom will befall your kind

Do not fret, and pray at that time for a better life

Instead remember how your foolishness was the cause of this terrible fate

Consider that fate to be the revenge of me and my compadres

Mark my words!

For I am The Plentiful Plant, and This Is My Curse To Mankind.

© 2021 Nikita Alejandro