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The Pinwheel

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.



I would like a pretty pinwheel.
Maxwell had one and now I want one.
Can you tell me where I can find one?
I want it to be mirrored blue and white to reflect bright light.
Then it would match the blue sky’s and clouds of white.

My pinwheel will spin beautifully in the sunlight.
And as it spins faster and faster, it spins just about plum out of sight,
Off into the wild blue yonder.
It would sail past Jupiter, Venus and Mars.
On past Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and the stars.

Soon my pinwheel hangs on a tune.
It slows its spin and floats about, being blown along with the solar winds.
It catches the light of the brightest stars and reflects its happiness back across the universe.
Soon the light reaches the most remote place in my heart.
The light is loving and affectionate filling the empty cavity at the center of my dark soul.

I surrender to the light and allow serenity to fill my soul.
I embrace the light as my darkness flees out of sight back into the night.
I have the confidence, strength, and affection I so love.
Reflecting back, as I look into love’s mirror, enchantment is sent from above.
And as eternity slowly turns I fly high above to join heavens dove.

© 2021 Laurie S Novak

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