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The Phase of Fade: The Careless Fox and The Wisdom of the Owls

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

A Tale of Two Spirit Guides

The part I love about poetry is the unexpected thought process I have with every single one of my poems. A quiet moment that becomes a pop-up conversation I have within myself and soul. This is how I started poetry, and this is how I will always write words down I suspect. A telepathic note between my soul and my awakening state.

Well, this is how the poem starts off and takes on its path anyways. However, as I write I begin to get a sense of what I am telling myself. Like with this current poem, it became something very spiritual for me. A distinguishing between the type of person I am compared to some cunning types. Those seemingly lucky types that have no clue of what tomorrow may bring and then are surprised when life gets the best of them. I suppose I picked the owl and the fox as spirit animals for these types of people.

I have always thought the owl full of wisdom from long tedious days of observance accompanied with a bit of bad luck going along with their journey. And the fox a cunning soul that never quite understands his journey of survival but is egotistical in the pursuit all the same. A bit of my luck will never die type of forest friend.

In these ways, I can see the spirits of ones who are owls on earth and the ones who are foxes. And so, this was my interpretation of the two types of wanderers here. Although, I am certain that these are not the only two spirit guides around.


The Phase of Fade

A realization today. A collaboration to fade.

We are here to phase. To phase in and to

phase to fade.

Some are blinded by the realm of how this

vortex takes us in. You can get caught up in

the game, then wonder how it changed.

But not I, said the owl whose lonesome wisdom

twas a given. It is the foxes who think that they

have the right to live on without a fight.

How selfish of them indeed. We owls will conclude.

Because that is what you do; You phase in and phase

to fade out. it is just the way we came about.

Listen to the owls as they hoot their wise direction.

There are steps to recognize. Do not mistake them.

Enter new and feel a glow, but let yourself shatter as

you go.

It is here that you will find you and that strength

inside to soothe future quietus. Phase in and then

carry your weight well. Do not close your eyes to every

kiss and tell.

Foxes, they get lucky without a care but struggle through

the final phase of fade. A sad reality to their luck of life.

Never once made to sacrifice.

This is where we owls are lucky. Though, it may feel bad

to know. A strong mortal is pulled from pain to withstand the

rain again and again.

By the time the final stage is set, a wise owl calmly perches

on its branch. Times of joy were a few, mixed with days of

extreme loss. We felt that much more than luck.

Yet, I feel sorry for all the foxes who came in on the sun

and never truly landed on the soil rich with the fight. Their

life will tick away and in the end, suddenly the phase of fade

will take them away…

unprepared from their lucky reveries where they

will stay in their eternal life of daze.


© 2018 Missy Smith

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