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Mr. Pessimist, Mrs. Optimist

Are you a pessimist or an optimist? The what if mind game can have positive outcomes but we tend to focus on possible bad outcomes.

The pessimist versus the optimist.

The pessimist versus the optimist.

Life from different perspectives:

The sun's out, it's a balm to my soul to feel its warm hug and glow

Sun's out? We'll melt or burn to a crisp. Suppose it's better than snow

Showers are forecast. Welcome and refreshing, it'll pep up the plants

Rain again? It's ten steps from the door to the car. Great, soggy pants.

I've cooked us a meal for our anniversary, a little a deux celebration

Not aphrodisiac stuff like the last time? Say yes and I'll need inebriation

A councillor called by, it's election season again, he's a nice enough guy

Glad I didn't see him, that prat plus my boot and a kick, he'd soon fly

Sweet children aren't they? It makes the heart glad to see young'uns play

Sweet children? Noisy pests, I wonder if for five quid they'll go away

Next door they have a new puppy. She's so adorable and fluffy, so cute

Another new puppy? Another oversized barking rat that'll tear my suits


Take a look on the bright side, see the best in every day. Feel the love

The bright side? I spend every day punching life through a velvet glove

We won £100 on the lottery, isn't that great news, time for a treat

£100? £300 spent on tickets to win a third back, wow some feat

Have you seen my brother's car? It came with his new sales job

That car will be scrap soon, that man drives like a thief on the rob

Fancy a skiing holiday? Something new for us together to try

Fancy a skiing holiday? Don't be stupid. You want me to die?

It's twilight and so romantic here gazing up at these faraway stars

Romantic? Careful, news said a maniac's escaped from behind bars

You know if you can't say anything nice, you could say nothing at all

I'll be as silent as a monk. This planet's engaged in one long brawl

You only live once, grasp the opportunities. live life to the full I say

You only live once? That's enough for anyone as we slowly decay

I hope that one day all wars end and we can live in peace and hope

Not with humans about, we best hang humanity from a long rope

You're a miserable pain in the butt, a pessimist through and through

You're an overly optimistic soul, sometimes I wonder if you're mad too

And yet I love you

Yeah, I guess I love you too.


© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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