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The Perpetual Love of a Father


Thank you, dear Lord Jesus, for your sacrifice so great,

No matter how many sins of Mankind it's never too late.

You've shown us that road to follow, though it's narrow,

Each step is so measured, so true, and is very straight.

At the time we are each born, until that day we to pass,

We may all count on your great love, one forever to last.

Coming to us, a baby sweet, living your life to complete,

One day soon at our own earthly demise, we shall meet.

You've shown the way, is humble as the smallest sparrow,

Along the path of our life, to follow the straight and narrow.

Your life as a wonderful teacher of all good, to inspire us all,

You turned the other cheek, despite all names they did call.

You gave us new lives, escaping from this, our earthly place,

As we await our joining you, all in a union, this by your grace.

You have blessed our lives, given us hope, as while we stay,

A precious benevolence of the Father God, shown every day.


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