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The Perils of Urbanisation

Medini is a writer with a huge passion for poetry. She has been writing poems for more than 10 years, with many of them published.

I wake up in the morning,

Cheerful as can be.

Then I look around my building,

Not a river, not a tree.

Pollution has engulfed me,

An environment where nothing can grow.

Dust and dirt is all I see,

No matter where I go.

Once upon a time,

Our land used to flourish.

No deception, no crime,

Truly something to cherish.

Now, everything has changed,

More persons, less personality.

Families are becoming estranged,

More humans, less humanity

Corruption and terrorism haunt every corner,

A new crime every week.

Men and women live in fear,

A girl is being raped as we speak.

Yet, doomed we are not,

Noble efforts shall not go in vain.

We will continue the war that was fought,

Let us make the world great again.

-Medini Rajan

© 2020 Medini Rajan

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