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The Perfect One - A Poem

The Perfect One describes intimacy between lovers on a balmy evening in Barbados.

The Perfect One


Beneath the Perfect Sky

Before the perfect Moon

To the perfect Tune

Under the perfect High

It is the Perfect You

Unto the perfect Me

Making the perfect Us

Into the perfect We

Inhale sharp, deep and slow

The warm scent of skin bathed in sunset’s orange glow

Glistening, sensual stretch

Ready sinews bunch and flex

Droplets bead a trail on dark skin

Head back, lips apart, quiet moaning

Teeth nipping, tongue tasting, fingers kneading

Curtains flutter and heart beating

Away light and sound from outside

For throbbing pulse inside

A sigh into the neck, a whisper in the ear

liquid winding arms, legs, wrapped everywhere

and the flesh of our souls in ancient greeting

heaving together at highest meeting

Where we come

And we become

The perfect one

The Author


© 2021 Toni Newton