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The Peasant and The Pope

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Pope and The Peasant

Pope and The Peasant

John Paul was a poor Peasant farmer whose land was barren and dry

His wife and two children were on the brink of starvation, nights upon nights they would cry

John Paul tried all that he could to sustain his family because they meant more than life to him

But things were not looking up at all, his sun was cloudy and the future seemed dim

He had a scrawny cow and two under fed goats

His house was barely standing firm upon those four termite infested post

John Paul drank a cup of porridge and went into town to find work

But he met upon a rush of people talking, shouting and crying, he feared the worst

News broke out that the Pope had succumbed to his illness and passed away

The peasant was sad because he was a religious man, so he stopped to pray

But during his prayer, a worker for the pope noticed something rather peculiar

The peasant had a striking resemblance to the Pope, he could easily passed for his doppelganger

The worker whispered something in the peasants ear and whisked him away

The peasant was surprised that he was soon in the house of the Pope, magnificent in every way

A man walked up to him and stared him straight in the face

And said, "Today we have been blessed with God's grace."

The Pope had passed, but not truly confirmed to the masses

But now they had a duplicate who would make his legacy go on, fooling even the brightest of classes

The peasant accepted the role of the new Pope and presented him self to the people has being fit and strong

Even though in his heart he knew it was truly wrong

But what an opportunity it was, his family would have nothing in want

All he had to do was take the vow of silence, and his poverty days would have gone

The people rejoiced as their Pope would be with them in God's presence.

The peasant was good, his natural spirituality was indeed a heavenly essence.

Life is filled with tales and twist

You will never see the true picture of what you can become until you clear the mist

When you have reached the pinnacle of life, the only ways left to go is across or down

So up is the only direction left for you to go when they beat you to the ground

Hold firm, keep going at it

Perseverance will make you break cycle of hardship

A man without a vision or dream is a man without life

Grasp your goals firmly, hold on and prepare to be humiliated, congratulated, prepare to fight.

© 2017 Clive Williams

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