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Why you are still living in the Past

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You; are still living in past

Why, Why, Why

Bricks in the splendid edifice of this society

Were laid with love and honesty

By many selfless souls and harmonious personalities

The people around us

They are your supporters and saviours

Lightening your present and future paths

Their lives spinning in between struggle and turmoil

You; are still living in past

Why, Why, Why

When your mind would fail you

Your foolish tears would flow

Force you to capture the past

The past Reborn in present

Blur everything and you are unable to see the beauty of other's heart

Then; your heart whispers to you

Let go the past fogs, mists, and colds

The past feelings, storming thoughts, and heart aches

You; are still living in past

Why, Why, Why

Follow the path of light and hope

Get out of your mind

Rest into your heart space

From there; start your journey towards the pure soul

All creations are balanced and born with purpose

Find the truth

Discover the reality

Live, learn, and don't get lost in the past

Living in past will get your life depressed and useless

Surviving in present is the biggest achievement

Sara Shahid.

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