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The Passion We Call Love

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I Can't Stop That Feeling

It wakes me up in the middle of the night

Driving me crazy during the day

It just won't go away

I try to put you out of my mind

You come right back with these strong romantic thoughts

Stop! Stop! Please Stop!

The next day when I awake

Your already planning my next move

How to find more time

To see each other

Inbetween work and school

What will I do?

I start to run

There you are on my heels again

I begin to write

Every other word is sensitive with deep meanings of delight

There you go again

Flashing through my head

Of every romantic card I have ever read

My palms all sweaty

My heart racing to a bongo drum beat

Now I know

You will never leave me

There has to be something I can do

Let's compromise?

Where we can work things out

I need to go on with my day

Without my body floating on air

You will not budge one inch

You will not give me any slack

I feel like your a monkey on my back

Now if you listen instead of complaining all the time

Come close

I will tell you the secret

Come even closer

I will tell you what to do

You are not any different

Everyone feels this way

They just accept it as true

Once you make friends with love

Love will not be so troublesome to you

Open your heart and your mind

To all that triggers that great feeling

Breathe it in all the time

Look around you

Love that you use to run away from

Comes in every shape and form

Now it is filling up this room

The bells will ring and the whistles will blow

I see the bounce in your step

The grin on your face

Let those amazing good thoughts pop

You and I both can agree

Love will never stop