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The Party in My Head

There were turban’s, stars and crosses
The love of the desert by the marauders
was a puzzle to the faithful
The nomads who wander endure the heat
and the water that can only boil their hearts
The morals of untanned skin is empty not full
Modern times cannot change the word
for the love of self is hate of God
Pour them a drink from the garden waters
if you can find it beneath the cork you pull

Hey bartender
Before you put me to sleep again
Tell me the way of the world
Everyone confides in you
Can I spill my guts if it’s true?

Trans and purple hair dancing
People who get somewhere without fear
You may think them lost, but is it true
Living as you were meant to be
Is it God who made them or society?
Thoughts of sin, faces with pins, is it really you
The God you cannot see knows our world
it is the movie he lost control of
Plunder your body underneath the rainbow
Dare him to kill the baby his garden grew

Hey bartender
I don’t want to be talking to you
Thinking about somebody else
I don’t know why I just said that
Maybe you’re the one who said it

Salsa senorita, que miras chica, te quiero mucho
Hey, where did you come from, did you cross the river
The man wants you to live, I want you to love me
Did you want sanctuary in my arms
There’s a man over there who said the streets are yours
Let’s make love underneath the bridge inside of me
Donde esta el amor? Is it a politician or a gringo
Pretty girl, el norte is your dream
but are you mine? Your brown eyes scream
is the flag we wave the shelter for your need?

Hey bartender
I want to think I’ll always feel this way
But how will I know without knowing you
We just met and I’m willing to try
Who am I kidding, I’m willing to die

I heard someone say freedom for all
I heard a white man say ‘merica the great
I heard a black man say put your rope down
I heard an atheist say the magic man is gone
I heard a politician say it’s them whose wrong
I heard a baby ask why was I ever born?
I heard a singer scream an apocalyptic sound
I heard a girl’s smiles warning me not to fall
I heard the sound of someone saying I’m crying too
I heard the noise above the door on top of the ground

Hey bartender
How can this drink be so hard tomorrow
But so gentle putting out my fire?
Give me the answer or just love me now
Closing time on the streets is desperate desire

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