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The Partnership Pendulum

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A relationship is the ultimate balancing act of life

The high wire is there; just not seen by untrained eyes

No two pairs have the same level of footing on a given day

One can be higher up than the other; due to timing and circumstance

Hard to always be top tier level of support when feeling battered yourself

Whether physically, emotionally, or a little of both sometimes

Trying to maintain some modicum of stability

When the body and mind want to be anything but a finetuned machine

In complete and utter dysfunctional disarray

Moods a hair trigger away from muted calm to complete and utter sadness

Explained away by a lack of internal harmony with the world

Gotten better with each passing day

Still hard to understand why society's scales seemed to be so easily off-kilter

When one of us found some terra firma; the other managed to do a faceplant

Right square in the middle of a large pile of manure

Can't find a way to have universal synchronicity

Understand that it wasn't possible for both sides of the coin to be even keeled

Climbing out of my own self made hole to turn around and dig him out

Unfair that the universe liked to hand out lemons

Without an opportunity to make some drinkable lemonade

Learning to be the human equivalent of Switzerland

Supportive and neutral when it really counted

Looking for a solution to some everyday problems

Not really caring what sacrifice needs to be made anymore

With the strong exception of my partner's warm and gentle touch

Sounded a little formulaic, but it was the truth no matter how sentimental it was

Eager for the end result before the imaginary rubber band snaps for good

Want to be the strong set of shoulders for my guy the way he has been for me

Ready to be able to be in semi-perfect consistency with my other half

Through thick and thin; I'm not going anywhere.

A stable relationship is the ultimate balancing act.

A stable relationship is the ultimate balancing act.

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