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The Parents Who Are Spiritually Connected to their Daughter

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She is her parents only surviving child, and they have closely been monitoring her because

They do not want to lose, her they would not want anything to happen to her. She was given

Birth to as a premature baby, this makes her parents to labor much on her before she survives.

Ensuring that they follow all the lay down rules given them by the medical personnel to

Ensure that the baby survives those periods. After her survival, she has been close to her

Mother and not for anything would her mother allow her to leave her presence until the

Time she starts schooling. Then, since her mother cannot stay by her in the classroom,

She has to let her go, but before the school closes, her mother would have arrived to pick

Her daughter home. While her mother is cooking, she will stay by her watching her, after

The meal has been prepared and they have finished eaten, her father would be playing with

Her. One thing they have noticed during these periods is that whenever something wants to

Happen to her, the parents would know, if it is negative thing, maybe she has contacted some

Micro-organisms and would develop some infections, her parents too would feel dour, and

They would not be happy even before the thing comes to manifestation. When they are

Passing through this, they would not know what it is that is the problem, but in a short while

When their daughter comes up with a bug, they would come to reasoning that they have

Not been happy because something wants to happen to her. On the other hand, when

Something good is in the offing for her, her parents would also feel exceptionally happy,

Even before the thing manifests. There was an instance when he was to be given an award

By a company in the island, her parents have registered her name for the draw when she was

Six years old, for the raffle-draw is for children between the ages of six and ten. Her parents have

Even forgotten that they registered her name for the children raffle draw, because they

Thought, the raffle draw has been done with unknown to them that the management were

Yet to do the raffle draw. They just discovered that some days before the announcement of

The child who wins the raffle draw, they were exceptionally elated, they could not

Pinpoint what it was that was bringing them joy until when her name was announced by the

Company as the winner of the grand slam of the raffle draw for the children. Since then they

Have been noticing that they have strong tie with her in their souls and minds, and when

Anything wants to betide her, they will know, if she is happy, they will be happy and when

She is sad, they also will be sad wherever they are. Then she leaves their abode for university

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And there she comes across a young man with whom she falls in love, albeit her parents

Were not happy where they were and they have the notion that something was in the offing

For her. She was invited home and they ask her of how things are going with her academics,

She told them everything was going on well with her. But as she was replying them the

Feelings of emptiness and unhappiness still overwhelmed their minds and they would ask

Her to tell them of other things with her in the school. She told them of a guy she is

Romantically involved with on campus, as she mentioned the name of the guy, her

Mother’s heart rate increased, why her father says he feels as if something grips his mind.

They told her that he needs to be watchful of the guy, that he may not be the one who will

Give her happiness that she desires. Then she will also reply their parents that of late she

Has become uneasy within her mind with the guy too. Her parents counsel her to tread the

Path with the guy softly and watch her back. When she gets to the campus, she discovers that

The guy has started to date her friend, and she had to severe the relationship with him.

Then she comes across a guy after him, as they begin to move together, her parents started

Feeling what they were feeling when something good wants to happen to her, and it is feeling

Of joy and happiness. Her parents visit her on campus to see the state of things with her

And when they were discussing, she has not made mention of anything about the guy until

The guy enters her room and then meets her parents. When her parents see the guy, their

Hearts leap up for joy. After the guy has left them, her parents ask of the relationship

Between her and the guy and she replied they were course mates and friends, her parents tell

Her that they could see how he was looking at her, and that he has something in him for her

That is deeper than being casual friendships. She replied them, that time will tell, but as

For now, nothing has come forth between them other than what she has said. they told her

That they believe her and that she should play her part well, for it is in their strong feeling

That he will make her happy. As things continue with the lass and the guy, they would

Eventually become lovers as her parents have earlier suggested. One day when she was with

Him and she remembers what her parents have said about the Youngman, she cannot but

Marvel and said to herself, that she also wishes she will be attached to her children as

Her parents have been attached to her since her childhood days.


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