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The Paradoxical Union of the Nerd and the Tough Guy

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

He was the essence of cool with his leather jacket

Draped over him as if it was Superman's cape or something

His wizard tattoo showing his desire to think outside the box

A rebel with multiple known causes and a few secret ones

An axe to grind against conformity and just settling down

More to him than just being a simple CDL truck driver

Had hidden depths that few ever truly saw, or were willing to see

Contained a heart of gold that showcased his capacity to love

A romantic with great listening skills and ability to not judge

Gave the benefit of the doubt and confidence that things can be done

Never threw in the towel when obstacles came across his path

Chooses to take a detour every so often in order find solution

Occasionally, let's his inner child come out with a pair of scissors

Cutting holes in the parade floats in his life; sinking them before they get airborne

Willing to fix his girlfriend's bathroom sink, even when it took hours to do so

An act that will always be appreciated, despite multiple trips to the hardware store

A comedy of errors that can be laughed about by both of them

They can make even a routine hardware store trip an adventure

Okay, maybe she had a tendency to be overly silly at times

With her desire to always make people laugh to avoid awkwardness

Or one too many quiet breaks in the daily conversation

A coping mechanism to protect herself from revealing too much

Has been burned in the past by opening her heart and home to stragglers

Taken advantage of one too many times by users and abusers

Hope he can forgive her compulsion to slide into Steve Urkel mode

A past life of being a mostly A and B student, discounting math of course

Doing what she was told, for the most part, and respecting authority too much

Fear of being found out as a fraud and singled out in the crowd for her ideas

Her intellect and uniqueness may have garnered her some attention

It was a double edged sword at times when it came to bullies

Who didn't understand and decided cruelty was the answer

Now, she wears her nerdiness like a badge of honor sometimes

Just wished it wasn't thrown in her face like it wasn't okay to be quirky

Only something different ; like freckles, moles and eye color

Appreciating her identity was a work in continuous progress

As long as her James Dean was supporting her every step of the way.

Did I do that?

Did I do that?

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