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The Pandemonium - A Poem About Hell

Pearly loves reading poems of Edgar Allan Poe to Lewis Caroll and that moved her to write poems also.

The Devil - History

The Devil - History

A dream in hell

Kindled path through he walked

Scorchingly, blistering hot it hold

And right at Gehenna's doors

Stood the diablo in his perfect pose.

It is tattooed all over him

Marks of agony and pain

Piercing right through are hollers of hell

Digging it's claws like a snake on it's prey.

Standing in the hellfire, abyss, the nothingness

Watched gleefully by the inferno's hell dog

As the mortal's reliance shattered

Bits by bits, pieces by pieces it wavered.

And as the light leisurely fade out

A dazzling sight held it's stand

Reliving the mortal for another chance

Together, frabjous, roaring bright for escaping the diablo's hellish hand.

© 2018 Pearly June

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