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The Pain When It Rains

Kate is a Psych Major. A poet by nature. She has a passion for writing and recently, she was hired to be an article writer and contributor.


How often do you feel the pain when it rain?

Every single drop reminds you of the good old days

The coldness reminds you of all the sudden change

How often do you remember those days when it rain?

The clouds so subtle like you so vulnerable

You thought of forever feeling like there’s no end

And to your dismay you play pretend

How often will you accept the pain when it rain?

Is there a bit of a chance that you’ll swipe the memories?

Start anew or remain in pain that remains the same?

How often will you start to renew your mind from the pain when it rain?

And remind yourself that today is better than yesterday

That the pain when it rains does not define you but instead refine you.

© 2018 Kate Ivy Solatorio

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