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The Other Side of Anarchy

I finally got my way
Now what?
I have total freedom
Migration relocation
Sexual identification
Nothing is everything
Now everything matters
Even all my rathers
Will I be myth, will I be fact

Yeah, now what, now what
All my problems don’t care
They still sit right over there
Telling me it’s not gonna’ be fair
I’m gonna’ do my thing
Be my thing, live my thing
But I still got to eat
I got to sleep
Will I be able, will I be stable

Is there a place for all that
I want myself, but not only
I’m not single-minded or lonely
I'm the real thing not a proxy
I’m not speaking for anyone
Whatever love is left, it’s yours
Bring it back if you think to
Or divide it wholly in two
Will it be lust, will it be trust

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