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The Optimist Versus The Realist Board Game

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A change has started to come around with no rhyme or reason

Not sure as to why this turnabout started, but will embrace it

Beat the alternative of lying in a heap in a darkened bedroom

Like one of Dracula's rejected brides left on the altar of life

Relieved that this turn of events happened

Glad that the fog has seemingly finally been lifted

The idea train has entered the station once again

Filling up with passengers ready to go to their prospective destinations

Even if it was to just ride the rails listlessly to see the countryside

Never been one to wander aimlessly through anything, life in particular

Envious and cautious of people who seem to do it with ease

Without any clear structure or plans for the future beyond what's for lunch

My mother always taught me to beware of people without a plan

Made them an element to watch with eyes on both sides of your head

Now, trying to be understanding of people who think differently

Give them the benefit of the doubt without ignoring signs of danger

Being a beacon of truthful hope and a shoulder to lean when times get tough

No shrinking violet either for some hustler from out of town to scam

Sounded a little extra distrustful of the masses

Probably right on that count; came from past experience on such matters

Have the physical and emotional scars to prove it

Better at spotting the warning signs to stop an accident from happening

Developed better coping skills at finding the idealist within

And the pragmatist on the outside

Have always been someone who hopes for the best

But secretly prepared for the worst case scenario

Depending on the situation or the narrative that's been laid out

Like to think a few steps ahead on the societal chessboard

Covering all of the bases just in case the other Manolo Blanik falls

Been told recently and the in past that there's a little bit of a Chicken Little

Lodged within this body of work and a bundle of crossed wire nerves

Those rational minded critics might be right about those neurotic tendencies

Obsessive when a quick solution can't be found for a long term problem

Even when the dilemma belonged to a loved one; instead of being closer to home

Overly empathetic, and maybe slightly naïve when it comes to matters of others

Their motives and true intentions on money, love and trust

Seen too many Dateline episodes to not be wholly skeptical of people

Recently realized that this Chicken stronger than Humpty Dumpty ever thought

Might have a few broken bones, but still standing nonetheless

Better to remain vertical after a tumble than giving into the potential injuries

Sounded like an obvious solution, but one that still needs to be put in practice

Not just a theory waiting to be test driven off life's used car lot of clichés

Let's see how it goes with the next bump in the road

Could come today, tomorrow or never.

Fingers crossed that it's the last of the three.

Riding the rails of a new idea wave. Seeing where the adventure ends up.

Riding the rails of a new idea wave. Seeing where the adventure ends up.

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