The Ops Stick Like Gum Drops

Updated on December 13, 2017

The US Department of defense Ops of the battle like black hawk helicopter. How it can snap your heart like an alligator.

Those special Ops

Those enemies those

killers this was no Emmy

of a mistake or Oops

Everything was laid out

like a horror movie props

Like we had the wrong

ammunition no cops

like a legion

They're giving their lives

Army of hand grenades

Hiding in camouflage

Where is our peace of the

"United States flag"

Those warfighters with medal

of honors

"Terminator of all Connors"

Heavy storms if raindrops prayers

to be answered "God Stops" everything

so painful

the Marine corp felt like a

grave corpse

Eating cans of food where's our Lamb

chops like little kids again jumping

Like "Presidential Reagan" jellybeans

but thereafter your sticky fingers of


Drills going off like a "Spitfire"

All troublemakers and instigators

Swamped with alligators he point's

The "Starwars" finger went bang

could have used a "Starbucks"

But pulling his gun with any luck

green army thumb

The minds of the war


So many wars of frustrations

Your army helmet through your head

Feels so numb you rather be sleeping

At home in your bed

Too much fire, how it hits hoping

beyond reason but this is hell killer season

Amber warm fire but Men's temperature

keeps rising

Things so close to random innocent

people are dying

Why is this world so unfair this is

from being in doubt, families hearing sad new's

they didn't get a chance to breathe out to make a life

all you felt left with was

your cooking knife let's stop fighting

more loving please stop misbehaving

like cannibals like ferals

US department they are the hero's

This is true warfare we need

better morals families more alone

only with their husband's pictorials

US Special operation learning and amazing training

The helicopter of the bravest men on this earth

© 2017 Robin Carretti


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 5 weeks ago from london

      Decent and wholesome messages in your poetry. Let us take note ... let us take note. Thank you, Robin.