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The One Who Can Reacquire it #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



Sometimes people and or gods who have neither be a part of our success nor contributed in any way to our progress may threaten us and we would be afraid, yield to them as servants which ought not to be.

This is an ancient narrative poetry to inject someone with boldness that a person who has not given you something cannot take it away from you.

Gods to know how that woman would become relevant in their mode

Of worshiping the gods of the island. Plans to use in incorporating her are

In top gear before this incident, but now that this has happened to her she

Is no longer relevant he says to the people not telling them that he was

Behind the sad incident that happened to the woman. Some who heard him

Pray that gods be merciful to the woman while others do not utter a word.

The woman continued in her devotion to the gods and after 183 days

Of the sorry incident the woman in her dream saw that she was taken to

Her farmland again, and there she saw the same light she saw before

In her dream the voice spoke again, that, “what a man cannot give, a

Man cannot take away from people, it is what you can give that you can

Reacquire”. After saying this she was taken to a spot on her farm where

She would find three things: stick, stone and gourd. The stone should

Be hung in her house, stick should placed on the farm while the small gourd

Should be swallowed. If they overcome the physical ones, they cannot

Overcome the one in her stomach, and she should be ready to save the

Island from the proud people. The following day she left for her farm and

Find those things at a corner of her farm as she saw in her dream. Then what


What she used to do for the people she started doing again. the pride and

High handedness of the high priest has heightened, and the people revolted

Against his continual dominance over them. They sent people to him to change

But he will not yield saying “no one can overpower him and if anyone knows

He can overpower him such a one should let them meet for battle. The people

And the woman again sent two other emissaries to him of the need to change

But he does not yield, and they call him to battle. The man thought he has

Gotten all he powers of the land, especially the power of the new order as

He found in the pages of the tablets which he stole from the woman. When they

Met at the battle ground he was silenced and killed by the woman. Before

His last breath he confessed to the woman what he did, stealing her cloth which

Has been of immense use to him and thought all was over for her, now he knows

Of a certainty that it is what one gives that one can reacquire. After his death

The people of the island celebrated the woman and wanted to make her their

Leader but she rejected and asks them to choose a new leader which was done.

The lady and the new leader worked together for 60 years, during their period,

The island knows peace and development in all facets.


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