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The One Who Can Reacquire it #3

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Sometimes people and or gods who have neither be a part of our success nor contributed in any way to our progress may threaten us and we would be afraid, yield to them as servants which ought not to be.

This is an ancient narrative poetry to inject someone with boldness that a person who has not given you something cannot take it away from you.

Environment, they started developing some things which made

Them the leaders in the island. Later people start to join his group to

Learn the letters of the tablets. It was from this that they developed

Different things and would become center of attraction to other

Islands around. This man when he grew old hands over this to his

Children, and they also handed it over to their children and their children

To other generations after them. The island has become big and

Center of commerce for other islands. As the island increases in number

And other things, things changed, and the children of this man do not apply

Their hearts to the things of those founding gods of the island again

And the person among them who applied his heart to it who was made

The high priest became proud. Meanwhile, there was a woman who has

Been brought up in the ways of this gods and was faithful to the gods

She pleases the gods and her secret prayer has been that she would possess

Great power like the story she has heard about the gods and the ancient

Fathers who were high priests before to the gods of the island. Though she

Desires this, but she does not know if such could happen because no woman

Has ever possess such power and she was not of the clan of the high priest

Who are custodians of the tablets nor married to any of the family. She

Stops having negative thought that it would not be possible and develops

Positive thought in her that something suigeneris would happen to her

It may not be directly what she hopes for but something similar would

Likely come her way. For she has been taught that the gods will always

Bestow their power and might on those who are devoted to them. She stays


This and increased her devotion to the gods. One day when she was in

Her farm in the wilderness, something strange happened to her which

Resembles what the first high priest saw, and it was that he saw bright light

Shone on her from the firmament, she fell down at the sight of the

Brightness of the light and a voice associated with the light says look to

That tree, you will find a cloth on one of the branches, take the cloth, it

Is your cloth of power whenever you desire to perform something

Exceptional, something beyond the ordinary put the cloth on or touch

The cloth and exceptional things would be happening through you and

To you. As the voice ends, the light also disappears. She stood up

And takes the cloth and puts it at a corner in her room. She by the use

Of the cloth starts saving people in the island. One day she visited the

High Priest and during the course of their interaction told him what

Happened to her. The high priest knows that gods have visited her and

Have given her power and he becomes envious of her. Weeks later when

The woman was not around the man entered her house and took the

Cloth off. The woman cried and cried, told the high priest what happened

And he was sympathetic to her cause and promised to look into it. After

The woman left he started talking to people about what betide the woman

That it was a sad case for the island, for in the tablets it has been stated that

About 100 years after, gods promised to visit the island and would give

Someone a power, the power would not be like the one given the high

Priests for it will become power of the new order. That was the power

Given her, he told those listening to him that he has started communing with...


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