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The One Who Can Reacquire it #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



Sometimes people and or gods who have neither be a part of our success nor contributed in any way to our progress may threaten us and we would be afraid, yield to them as servants which ought not to be.

This is an ancient narrative poetry to inject someone with boldness that a person who has not given you something cannot take it away from you.

Telling him that was the relationship among them when they were still in blood and

Flesh. He told him that the tablet on him is one of the books of the

Gods who founded the island and he will receive six more tablets of it

One from him and others at different locations at the right time.

However, what he was given was the basic alphabets of the books

From this he would be able to read other tablets when he gets them.

He was taught all the letters in the tablet in the dream, how to read

And pronounce them. After he has had a grasp of some of the alphabets

They tell him with constant practice he will know it better and they left

Him. When he woke up he started reading the alphabets as he has been

Taught in his dream and would soon master them. A week after this they

Appeared to him again and told him the story of the island he and others have

Migrated to. The gods who founded the island were defeated by him, his

Wife and their children, but when they were about to destroy the last god, it

Told them that after thirty years, something would happen to them too. Before

That happened, they had developed some techniques of writing and passing

On messages to people, and were hoping for people to migrate to the island

Before their demise but no one until a strange fire came and burn them, which

Was the strange thing the last of the gods stated while dying. While the

Fire was burning them, they used the last power on them which was turning

To tree and that was how they became stumps. As they become stumps, they

Become inactive for years until when their roots touched water and then

They started being active again. They have been sustained by the belief that

Some people will migrate to the place and after such people’s arrival they

Will look for one out of them to release their powers to, so that he

Becomes the high priest and would be able to commune with them and

Teach the people the language of the land. they were happy when they

Migrated to the island and have been seeking for who to give the

Power to but everyone seems busy to notice the signals being sent to them

Except him, and since he is the only one who has seemly find it fit to

Notice that they have come to give him their powers, and he should

Start teaching others and his children the education of the island. They told

Him that others initially will not accept him and some would call him

Mad, thence he should start with his family. When the people see the

Changes in them, they will join him, for the land is called the land of

Glory for all other islands. He should not be afraid, all other tablets

Would be given him and when he receives the last one, the powers

Sustaining them would leave them and they will return to their Maker.

None except his closest friend and family believed him and he started

Teaching them the letters, through that they started communicating

With one another and as they become devoted to the things they were

Doing, they started having different insights into hidden things in their


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