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The One Who Can Reacquire it #1

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Sometimes people and or gods who have neither be a part of our success nor contributed in any way to our progress may threaten us and we would be afraid, yield to them as servants which ought not to be.

This is an ancient narrative poetry to inject someone with boldness that a person who has not given you something cannot take it away from you.

The founding fathers of the island

Migrated from the west to the place

About 100, 000 years ago. On getting

To the island, they saw some

Things that resemble stumps. Later

They noticed that those stumps are

Equidistant from one another and

They have the same features on them

And are about fourteen in number. As the people continue

To live in that island, one of them

Discovers that whenever he passes by any of the

Stumps his heart rate would increase

Few centimeters after leaving any of those stumps

His heart rate would return to normal. After noticing

This for some times he has to bring it up among other

People with who he migrated to the island, telling

Them what he used to feel. But they said they do not

Have such feelings and would say he was hallucinating


When he discovered that they do not have same sensation

As he does, he did not talk to them about it again but started

Paying close attention to the stumps. As he continued to do this,

One day as he passes by one of the stumps that appears older

Than the rest he noticed that the palpitation of that day was stronger

Than any other days so far and would stop by the stump to know what

Would happen. It was after he stopped by the stump that a light

Shone on him such that he could not see anything again, about thirty

Seconds after this, the light disappears and what he found was

Something like a flattened rock and on it are some things inscribed

He looked at it and was afraid, when he wanted to leave he heard a

Voice coming out of the stump or close to the stump telling him to

Take the flattened rock which was later known as the tablet and

Keep it with him for he would be given further instructions at the

Midnight hour. He looked to see if there was anyone hiding somewhere

Talking to him but he saw no one and believes he must have met

With the supernatural being. He took the tablet to his house not telling

Anyone what he saw nor the reason for what was in his hand for the

Words he has shared with some people before, no one believed him.

He placed the tablet close to where he slept and at midnight as stated he

Started dreaming. In his dream he saw the fourteen stumps turning to

Humans; hubby and wife and the rest are their children, ten males

And two females. They started playing in the dream and later their

Father turned to him to start talking to him, ....


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