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The One Time the Weatherman Was Right

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Pouring Rain On It's Way

I was out in the yard

It was a perfect day

I was doing some Fall cleaning

As I moved things from one spot to another

Reorganizing and fixing

Soon I got carried away

Pulling out more than I had time for

I decided to put tarps over things

Just incase it rained

I had two much stuff to cover the things properly

I didn't secure the tarps if there was high winds

The weather was never better

In the low 60's for this time of the year

Unseasonably warm

I was truly loving it

I have a shed that I cleaned out

We lose daylight at about 6:30 every day

I worked the night before and didn't get up and out the door till eleven o'clck

Still very tired I dragged my butt across the yard

I should have listened

The rain pouring buckets at four fifty four A.M. in the morning

Too late now

One tarp blew off and the other lifted up

Things are getting wet

I went out and temporary fixed it

I should of been more careful

If I didn't have so much stuff

I wouldn't have to organize it

Things we collect over the years

Aren't always easy for me to part with

I give some of them away

If things get wet or ruined I have no choice but to throw them away

Rain off and on all day

I often wondered if I was a nomad

Traveling from place to place

With nothing but the clothes on my back

I would I be happier

I'm not so sure

But I at least gave it a thought

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