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The One Lost Sheep

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I will never cease to wonder at the seasons of life, and how we must adapt, or become useless. Life is a lifelong challenge for each of us.

The True Shepherd and Savior of Mankind

The True Shepherd and Savior of Mankind

One Lost Sheep

  1. One lost Sheep was what Jesus looked for,

    away down in the lonely, rocky valley;

    one that was injured and lame,

    Good news, for that one lost sheep was me.

    He looked and he looked for me.

  2. The night closed with danger around me.

    Groping in great perils of worldly darkness,

    confused I was and before I knew it I was lost;

    Alone, weary, and had suffered great loss.

  3. How did I get there, afraid of where to turn?

    How did I slip so fast and how did I fall?

    All the details of it might soon be forgotten,

    But, nonetheless, the dear Savior came to me.

    Alone and afraid, that's how he found me.

  4. One lost sheep, you might say, oh, no big deal.

    But then you realize, this time its not someone else.

    This sheep, this lamb that's stricken and caught

    on a steep cliff, in grave danger, this is me.

  5. Suddenly I saw the shepherd come towards me;

    so while reaching out with my eager hand,

    still holding onto a limb, I was desperate for him.

    When he came so near, I looked him in his piercing eyes

    and asked him to save me, which he faithfully performed.

  6. So then when he reached with his staff,

    he plucked me up and bore me away in his loving arms,

    Then he loved on me and fed me and He said,

    have no fears my son, I am here for you.

    While near to me, there is no need for alarm.

April 16, 2019

© 2019 Oscar Jones