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The Utopia That We Might Be


There is this world in a galaxy, all are so envious to see,

Here lives the family of humanity, no grander ones to be.

Beyond years, intelligence, advanced beyond compare,

No one in the entire universe, is treated by them, as fair.

Races and cultures, so many there, all do share so well,

Not a one is racially biased, by their attitudes all may tell.

There's no hunger or thirst to be found, all to be satisfied,

If one falls down, another picks you up, here they all abide.


So advanced in their intelligence, education is superb,

Top priority given children, to learn each noun and verb.

Mathematics here, a wonderful tool, helping to explore,

A sound basic experience given, each one all do adore.

Scientist here are so pronounced, every field, each one,

Here, everything's new, not tried before, until all is done.

Bright futures all lay before, new discoveries, now begun,

Diseases once were the bane of mankind, cured everyone.


This world is such a treasure chest, all to be found,

No where anything like it, was ever is to be around.

All stand in such a harmony, everything is in accord,

Reason to make such bounds, all of this does afford.

An envy of most modern planets, and of the galaxy,

A Shining example to follow, of ones who get to see.

New worlds soon are found, so gifted in their ability,

Exploring systems, beyond the sun, now a possibility.


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