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The Ominist

You will know me! Soon or maybe later cant really decide now.

I once heard,
The true Religion is seas of truth
so call off the troops
And let’s call a truce.

With the intra and outer conflicts
that which fuels war
How do we go about it?

A question I can’t answer
But I would like to show you,
Let take a walk through nature.
Let’s observe it’s nurture.

I trust that the moon will guide us
Let’s find an answer together
Not with the mask we wear,
It’s a burden and we’ll soon tire.

No! we won’t do that.
Our strife will be for nothing,
And in this truce we plan to thrive.

We plan to thrive, like a pyramid in the sandstorm
We will stand tall, with our pinnacles touching together
Whatever crisis we must bear,
Our faith should remain unscathed.

Even what, that causes pain to my neighbor, shouldn’t be my gain
I do not worship in vain.
Nor can I compare myself to a saint.
I am just a human
Dainty as I may be.

Which is not an imperfection
Without a foe a Soldier never knows his strength
I am a friend to all, and a stranger to none
My thoughts are like a book opened to a Writer.

On each page,
He prints his soul.
Through each word,
He loosens a burden.

So, He is not the Author of confusion:
Inciting battles and destructions.
He titled his book,
The Omnist
I highly respect his position.

© 2022 Akosua Ago Mansa