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The Olden Days

The persona is pondering about the bygone days and how beautiful it used to be



Sitting on the shores of the ocean
Looking back to the bygones day
Water reflecting a youthful silhouette
Ripples blur the illusions as dream fades
Hands on my cheeks brushing the tears away
Wishing this letter to reach my old friends

With a smile on my face
Seeking answers from the heavens
About the relentless feeling
Years have passed in a blink of an eye
With no parting, no worries, no resentment
Yet I get no answers

Imperceptible the dreams awaken
Fireflies flickers below the dancing moon
Once we lived happily side by side
But sight changes quickly
Old friends are now world apart
How can we go back to the past

The past melts with unfulfilling feeling
Tears turns in to understanding
Separation is an unfinished song
That fades into a lifetime of desolation
But with no regrets I choose happiness again

© 2021 Judith Camila Adongo

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