The Nutty Rhymes

Updated on October 27, 2017

The Nutty Professor


Rodents by the thousands.
Are overrunning Wellman College.
Accidentally released in one lab.
While SHERMAN KLUMP creates in another lab.
Creates a formula to be.
The main ingredient for obese.
For obese people to lose weight.
That formula is guaranteed to make.
To make the obese feel more secure.
Their lives will be purer.
Sherman meets CARLA PURTY.
A former graduate of chemistry.
That happens to be a huge fan.
Later that night, he decided to ask.
Asked her out and she accepted.
She started it with admiration.
Admiration for Shermans work.
They go to a club and get the worst.
The worst treatment by a human.
That put Sherman in a depression.
Depression made him desperate.
He took the formula & injected.
He lost 300 pounds in seconds.
Saw a change in his appearance.
He had to get clothes normal in size.
Then went and bought a nice ride.
He concealed his true ID.
He adopted the name, BUDDY.
He invites Carla on a date.
She accepts and he takes.
Takes her to the club again.
This time, Buddy gets revenge.
Buddy heckles him mercilessly.
The persona starts developing.
Developing a form of independence.
Making him be super-confident.
Making him act real perverted.
His actions are witnessed by JASON.
Jason is Sherman's assistant.
Jason saw the transformation.
Time went on, & Buddy got him fired.
He also caused the fall out with Carla.
Sherman decides he had enough.
So at the ball, he shows up.
He demonstrates the formula to the crowd.
But the inner Sherman kept BUDDY from getting out.

Eddie Murphy
Sherman Klump
Eddie Murphy
Buddy Love
Jada Pinkette
JaCarla Purty

The Nutty Professor 2:The Clumps

No More Buddy

After finding success reconstructing DNA.
Sherman KLUMP decided to create.
Create another formula to help others stay young.
He also met and fallen in love.
He fell in love with DENISE GAMES.
Who developed a method to isolate.
Then later she becomes his fiancee.
Together, they bring the school benefits.
But a major problem inside Sherman.
He is acting out in a cross manner.
Sherman uses the therapist as the savior.
But Buddy kicking in causes Sherman to insult.
To insult the therapist. That led to a mass exit.
Sherman did the same to a woman.
He insulted her while she was walking.
Walking her dog down the street.
He later revealed that his father was released.
Was released from his Job.
He told them he retired from his job.
Then while he proposes.
Buddy kicks in and requests.
He requests to have sex.
Denise is forced to reject.
So Sherman goes back to the lab.
In an attempt to remove his past.
Or the DNA where Buddy has manifested.
Wanted to make his departure more permanent.
Meanwhile, Sherman's assistant.
Gave Sherman a firm warning.
Warned him of catastrophic consequences.
If Sherman was to make the decision.
The decision to extract Buddy's gene.
Jason warns of the issues it can bring.
Despite it all, Sherman realizes.
That he needs the formula to stay hidden.
So he stashes it at his family's home.
Meanwhile, Buddy realizes where it is.
So he goes to his parents attempting to steal.
Steal the formula and sell it.
Not knowing his father has drunk it.
But his father did not drink it all.
Buddy had enough to take to the ball.
He took it and demonstrated it.
& caused chaos in the midst of it.
Buddy mixes it with fertilizer.
Mutating a small hamster into a monster.
This humiliated those watching.
The dean ended up firing.
Firing professor Sherman.
Who's informed that his health has worsened?
Sherman calls off his engagement.
Then works to form a more potent.
A potent formula.
He's confronted because of Buddy's behavior.
While a worried Denise.
Notices that his health has decreased.
She went and got Shermans father.
To help put an end to Buddy's behavior.
Buddy is destroyed before she reached.
But Sherman's health has decreased.
She burst out in tears.
But a fountain eliminates her fears.

Eddie Murphy
Janet Jackson
John Ales

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