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The Nun

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

The Nun

The Nun

A devoted follower of Christ

Obedient to the word, young and wise

But events would unfold that drove stakes in her faith

Events which led her to open the devils gates.

She loved her mom, but she was ill with age

She suffered before death, no matter how much the Nun fast and prayed.

Her mother meant the world to her, she sacrificed all

To see her daughter grow in love of God, never to yield and fall

But the Nun questioned his will and began to denounce Jesus Christ

And soon her hatred for him made her the perfect vessel for the Demonic eyes

Soon her darkness was noticed and the convent summoned high priest

But the Nun was very powerful, she fled and hid among the trees

She was part of an insidious entity, an entity she welcomed

Now her duty was to rip apart souls and send them to hell, spare none.

She influenced death in families far and wide

Taking away little children, causing suicide, many people died

Her horror was riveting, she haunted homes filled with love

But when she left,

It was only death

The Nun had the power to traverse between hell and earth

Where she would meet with Satan and renew her curse

Lucifer was pleased with her, because she once was a child of God, but now his.

Because the Lord was deaf to her prayers, now she is a demon king, doing Satan’s Business

The Nun reigned supreme in hell and kept on devouring souls

Black and white, a dress you never want to see in the shadows of your homes.

Upside down crosses, burning Bibles and bleeding walls were just a game to her

Lucifer's concubine, blood letter, your soul devoured.

She controlled leaders of Earth, men whose lust for greed made them hell's slave

They did as they were told, else Satan would claw out their pitiful souls, corpses in grave.

She became the mother of wickedness, the influencer of teen age wrongs

As she whispered in the ear of the weak, the sirens songs

The fire in hell blazed sweet and beautiful at her will

Lucifer's Nun, the harlot, the concubine, the high demon. The worlds greatest ill.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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