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The Night is Lovely!


The night is lovely dark and deep,
The mind boggles in its sleep.
The heart aches in and bleeds,
The soul is taken from the weed.

The body stays in you weak,

The words are hardest to speak.
The sensation is worthless to keep,
The thoughts are still so deep.

The woes are still to feed,
The life is moving in fast speed.
The strive is slow to heed,
The wounds are fresh indeed.

The hands are still bloody with deeds,
The days business is still we need.
The night though still we breed,
With songs to write of the “thee."

The pain to let it sleep,
The ache to let it bleed.
To finish the unsung we see,
To banish the end of thee.

That's why ...

It's the night we see and forsee,
To keep it lovely, dark and deep!

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