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The Night Sky Darkens

Beauty of Nature

The night sky darkens and stars shine sublime

the moon radiating over landscape and pond

Beauty of the night in shadows and sound

No birds in flight can be found

Far off the faint roar of the sea

waves crashing on the rocks in the cove

The full moon beams forth it never sleeps

Till the the sun over the horizon it peeps

The sunrise heralds the day and the birds they awake

Singing their song the stillness they break

Busy themselves with food for their young

picking up straw for new nests they make

Time for man to take to the plough

Horses, cattle and sheep dotted around

each busy with grazing, their bellies do fill

As far as the eye can see, over yonder hill

So the beauty of day and the night

Each have a purpose and an end in sight

Resting and working man follows the cycle

Blessings in the harvest for John, Tim and Michael.

Goats having a drink


Green Fields


A White Horse Standing in a Field