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The Night Guard ...

i am an unfathomable spirit in looking to finding your hidden ikigai


Let me tell you all a story,

Rather , the tale of nature's folly,

It keeps those who keep others at bay

I'm talking about our night-guard -

Pehredaar Sahib by the way.

"Saavdhan! Hoshiaar"-his screechy cries would pierce through the dead of the night,

Marching in bold brown strides ,

Stick in a hand, alertness in his eyes.

Somebody told once,

Being a pehredaar is the noblest job to do,

He wakes up to breathe safety to our sleep,

That we may know,

someone has our promises to keep.

Old men said he lived in the shanty at the end of the town,

Lights the town lamp at 8 to be out on his errand sharp by nine Neither drowsy,

nor tired, guarding the town like a father shielding his child.

Winters melt into Summers and down may come the rains.

But the mothers would always scare their babies to sleep As the night- calls of the pehredaar resonated in their lanes.

Men lauded him for bravery.

And old women said he casted away bad spells.

So people of the town knew something is very wrong,

When that night he didn't show up again.

Soon the Khabri brought the news: Pehredaar-sahib is sick with fever.

It was a bad disease, they all knew.

Rapidly spreading and in air, all over.

"Best to keep away from his shanty,

The air is sour at that place."- They spent no time in figuring out.

He would be supplied food and medicines,

Thrown from a distance into his house.

Soon the supplies were no more needed.

Pahradaar-sahib passed away.

People afraid to carry his body for cremation,

Wondering who would now keep their nights safe.

It is only when one learned said:

"The person who told us to be inside died because he roamed out at night"-

Did people realise the actual danger.

His was surely a noble job, they said-

"But we can't afford being a Pehredaar- death is a risky wager”. ..

© 2020 ayushi saxena

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