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The New Normal by Manatita

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


The New Normal

Trapped within an indoor world, somewhat like

A Matrix, fear and loneliness my bosom friends.

Stripped of all pretentions, I lay bare my heart,

Trying to unshackle my distress and insecurity.

Forced to exist in a quarantined home, my material

Comforts have all but disappeared. In this new crucible of fire,

There’s neither mercy nor delight, only shadows. Gone are the

Hugs and kisses, the throbs of embrace; the sugary peak emotions.

No more those eyes of ‘crimson red’ from late nights

Of party mode, nor are those legs weary from feet

Dancing way into the night. Instead, anxiety steals the

Brilliance of a mind, now sodden with aloneness and despair.

I lay naked in my bath, gaze entreatingly upwards, palms pleading

In prayer, to find purpose to life. (Bismillah, song). My mate Frank had just

Ended it all, as did Sarah, his spouse. The scribbled and solemn note they

Left, simply said: “No money, no food, no friends; only isolation and darkness.”

Yet another variant comes ‘round, like spring. Only

There’s a dearth of renewal; no scented roses of beauty;

No tulips. I take my worn-out mask, hanging just above my

Jacket rails and head for the supermarket. The sky appears

Grey as I pause, breathe; remember: Hands, face; space.


I do my sanitize routine; put on my masks; take note

Of fellow humans on the streets. I dare not unmask

In crowded spaces. People avoid me as I reciprocate,

But now they say ‘thanks’ and continue on their way.

I had my first Astra Zeneca shot today. Big pharma wins

But who cares? No one knows if the afterlife is better; so, like

Little children – many of us do what we are told. Efficacy is 90%,

They say, and so I hope, praying that the recent variants pass me by.

I found a new friend though, a Professor Zoom who

Takes money off my account. At least I have joined more

Poets, so I don’t go crazy and I socialize quite well. It has

Been a life-saver in so many interesting ways!

Away from news of the distressing daily toll, the frontline

Problems, the inequities; scare-mongering and contact-tracing,

I have embraced new international circles; freed myself from

Innuendos and conspiracy theories; even managing to exercise! Not bad!

Now my only suffering is a lack of Love. Wish I was

A flute; You the player of bewildering emotions,

Resonating a cascade of feelings in my soul. Alas! I walk

A thorny Path to get to You, stumbling on

Beds of nails, blood-red in the core of my feelings.

Come, my scented Lavender, bring me the breeze of the

Joy of Spring; the sunlight, so I can merrily waltz with You,

On this, Your sweet lap, of tomorrow’s fragrant meadows.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 28th February, 2021


Have you had your vaccine?




A couple of minutes of heavenly laughter

© 2021 manatita44

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