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The New Nigeria

I'm a proud and patriotic Nigerian. Nigeria is just a beauty to behold


We all have a different story of our country

Let me mesmerize you with the uniqueness of mine, Nigeria

Borne out of West Africa's longest river Niger

Nigeria is a universe of about 196 million beings

Beings born with diverse spoons, a golden spoon is just one

Housing 2.57% of the total count of earthly beings

Yes, we're the seventh wonder of the world's population ranking

This wonder kings by holding the most beings in Africa

My giant, my new Nigeria


Ethnicity is not a barrier to bountiful unity

Language diversity is not a limit to intercontinental love

Encapsulated in the ethnicity of love is a multiplex of 250 ethnic tribes

We speak with tongues of intellectualism homing 7% of world's languages

Now we tend to become the greatest hub for tourism and travel

Nigerians spread their webs of influence to the zenith

My wonder, my new Nigeria


Nigeria's wood, Nollywood is ahead of Hollywood in the movies producing race

Thriving on the luxurious soil is about 4,750 species of pulsating plants

In a jolly with over 550 species of breeding birds and mammals

Mangroves as abundant as the crude oil of the resources fulled nation

Occupying the largest throne of forests in Africa, only third largest on earth

Africa's longest bridge has come to stay on this wonderful land

My heritage, my new Nigeria

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