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The New Ministry

I grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and currently reside in Florida.


In days gone by the country was wild and untamed

Vagrancy, illegitimacy, violence and barbarity

The Church offered stable community

spiritual nourishment, social regimentation, place and purpose

The Church lost its hold, removed from daily life

In culture and society, no longer does it hold sway

Today lost souls turn to social justice causes

Championing a political cause to find their way

Television is the new Minister, it preaches to its flock

Those who watch want to believe, the willingly ignorant

Their actions and their causes sow the seeds of that;

which their ancestors struggled so desperately to escape

…. vagrancy, illegitimacy, violence and barbarity

The social and cultural norms that united and nourished

The enemy of progress and progressive justice.

© 2019 Ken Burgess

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