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The Neverending Search Party for Love

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

In this day and age, online is the way to go

For everything from shopping to finding a relationship

According to the internet dating commercials

Your future soulmate is only a mouse click away

Hard to believe when many are still searching for the one

Many preferred to be paired with their better half

Or any half for that matter when time starts to run out

While everyone is left to their own devices

Wondering why fate dealt them another cruel blow

A slap in the face for feminists and regular ladies alike

Would rather prepare for another extended solo performance

Instead of going to another dead end date from hell

Fed up with putting on airs for people that aren't worth it

Not even for Andy Warhol's infamous fifteen minutes

Or in the very least some minuscule 15 seconds of relevance

Dates only seem to be about suitors promoting their own hype

An unwanted job interview of sorts where money shouldn't be exchanged

An indecent proposal that would make cops get out their handcuffs

Even more fed up of others just looking to stir things up

Troublemakers looking to toss anyone in front of a Greyhound bus

To get to the top of the corporate ladder for just a few bucks in the bank

Finally starting to understand what Annie and Jay-Z

Both sang and rapped about having a hard knock life

Of course, in very differing degrees of difficulty

Except that rainbows and puppy dogs were never part of the deal

Only Dorothy got to the end of the rainbow

Found her way home to Kansas

Reality usually doesn't have such a clear cut Hollywood ending

Many just go through day-to-day trying to not pull their hair out

Keeping just a minimum of sanity to their name

And avoid at all costs appearing as the star of the show

An episode of Dateline as the main villain

Only goal to live by when everything else was so far away

Better to start somewhere than nowhere at all

Now, that's depressing indeed.

Your future is just a mouse click away.

Your future is just a mouse click away.

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