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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Often wondered what it meant to truly be an individual

Not a cinematic Demon in a movie that loved to snuff out that idea

Wolves at the door of someone who stood above the fray

Only to be destroyed by the thing she wanted the most to have

In a society that embraced uniqueness as long as it fit a mold

Only allowed to be interesting as long as it didn't ruffle too many feathers

Posting shockingly inappropriate online comments on social media sites

Caused enough controversy to become the meme to end all memes

Fed up with trying to fulfill some quota of being on the right side of things

Wanted to learn how to make mistakes and dust myself off afterwards

Not dwelling on the past for longer than supposed to be intended

Moving onto the next adventure when it comes along

Finding joy in the most random of occasions like old sitcom repeats

That have been watched millions of times and can be quoted verbatim

The Golden Girls and The Nanny topped that list more than once

Decided that dressing the part of a well adjusted person might help

Bought every blazingly bright top known to online creation

A counter move to block out the white noise of the outside

A representation of all that was shiny and cheerful in the world

Nothing like the bleak landscape of that surrounded the news

And everyday life as the new normal crept into the fold

Full of unrest and chaos; enough to justifiably unsettle anyone

Wondered if it was legitimately appropriate to be covered up

In the designer camouflage of highlighter yellow and lime green shirts

Sporting 10 different colors of nail polish on each finger

Sounded like an outlandish idea, but working from home brought it on

Wanted to pass the time and find my own private version of normalcy

Have been trying continuously to search for it to only minor avail

Seemed more like a slogan for the latest streaming sensation

Not anything related to actual reality in any type of way

Ready to become a singularly functioning organism

Self sustaining and in no idea of a failing idea of a relationship

Looking for a private commitment to finding myself again

Seem to be on the right path; only time will tell if it sticks

That will be something to truly write home about.

The Neon Demon Movie Poster

The Neon Demon Movie Poster

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