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The Need to Judge You is Not For Me to do


The need to judge,

Seemed like a place of ease,

How can and do I be present?

If my only concern is to judge you,

How can I be there?

Should I judge you?

Instead of judge me?

Would you rather that I prevaricate or lie?

Instead of tell the truth,

That I can’t judge you and you can’t judge me,

You can’t be me,

I can’t be you,

Why don’t you judge you,

Are you missing in action?

That it takes others to judge you,

Pleasing only me,

Doesn’t make me complete,

Neither will or does judging you,

How can I be me, If you are not you,

And learn to judge yourself.

Why expect such a high thing of me?

Are you willing to give that of yourself?

Be you to your own pleasure,

Or and to your own displeasure,

Judge you and allow me, to judge me.

“But, judge sin always as an issue”

And guard your heart.

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