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The Need to Judge You is Not For Me to do


The need to judge,

Seemed like a place of ease,

How can and do I be present?

If my only concern is to judge you,

How can I be there?

Should I judge you?

Instead of judge me?

Would you rather that I prevaricate or lie?

Instead of tell the truth,

That I can’t judge you and you can’t judge me,

You can’t be me,

I can’t be you,

Why don’t you judge you,

Are you missing in action?

That it takes others to judge you,

Pleasing only me,

Doesn’t make me complete,

Neither will or does judging you,

How can I be me, If you are not you,

And learn to judge yourself.

Why expect such a high thing of me?

Are you willing to give that of yourself?

Be you to your own pleasure,

Or and to your own displeasure,

Judge you and allow me, to judge me.

“But, judge sin always as an issue”

And guard your heart.


Elijah A Alexander Jr from Washington DC on October 22, 2018:

Mabel Henry,

That is such a masterful way of expressing the fact that because of our limited view of things we have not the power even to judge ourselves. Little do we realize everything that is done is fore-ordained but today we are entering the time of realizing our error in being judges of even ourselves.

Them day has come to realize "karma" is the only judge, we judge because few have no comprehension of the actual concept of "reaping what we sow" and especially if we do not recognize reincarnation governs every life-force. What it does is to cause every life-force that does something to any other life-force to enter the body the doer and receive the very same act by another life-force that will eventually enter the body that either did it to your life-force or you did it to.

I also agree with the words of Floyd Red Crow Westerman, and Bible prophecy reveals that is what will happen when the "son of man" begins his reign.

mabelhenry (author) from Harrisburlg, Pennsylvania on October 19, 2018:

Hi Dana: Thanks for weighing in. You expressed the response so very articulately. I am now wondering if this (lack of self-judgment) is the reason the Scriptures are being ignored, because of the need to tell someone else what we must first digest and process for ourselves. The unexamined life we are told is not worth living, in other words, it is vainglory. I fully love your response. Thanks again for hearing and listening to the Holy Spirit. Have a great weekend.

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on October 19, 2018:

This is a different piece of poetry from you and I like it. You know I always felt that when other's judged me I wanted to say "I know you are but what am I" It seemed most judgement was advice that the person should have taken themselves first. When I first started my ministry work I learned from the holy spirit that he delivers double sword messages, meaning the judgement is for you first and once received is also for the other person; the difference is your message would be more of a testimony because there is a reason why you see it so clearly in the first place.

The person is offended because they also see you as the same person, except you are trying to correct them as if you are blameless and you are not. Mabel, when the holy spirit shows me something distasteful in someone I know he is judging human nature. He is judging me first and then I repent and deliver the message which is always a beautiful testimony. The holy spirit convicts and His sword slices the hearer first and then everyone in the room who the message applies to. If most understood that they would check their ways first before allowing a single word to flow from their mouth.

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