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Turning Thirty And How You Should Live Your Life, As Told By Not You

Emee.chan is someone who doesn't worry about other people's lives and how they plan to organise them.


The Dirty 30 Mania

"You should get a job!"
"Oh, you're still single?"
"Oh, you're not married yet?!"

"Oh, you don't have kids yet?!"
"Oh poor dear, you got divorced?"
"Oh, how will you do on your own?"

Oh no, you're turning 30,
So your bio clock is ticking!
Your skin will start wrinkling,
You won't always be pretty!

If we don't perform
As expected at that age, we might
Never get a chance
To be happy ever again.

Why should we do as told?
And for whom should we do it for?
Is all of the above
Said to motivate us?

You want us to be happy,
By pressuring us daily.
Get a job, be a mom.
Heaven forbid you skip
A step or two.

What if we don't want or
Feel ready to
Get hitched and have a baby yet?
What if we planned something different?

Well, there's one thing
I'll say to those of you
Who worry so much
About my life and what it'll turn into...

I hope you get over yourselves soon.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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