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The Nature Speaks of God's Love


If I began to behold the lively springing of nature

I can see God's goodness and mercy in every posture

It comforts me in the inside and gives peace to my soul

Oh! how pleasant to the eyes for they are all beautiful!

God is the God of nature

He perfectly made the world with revere

That even the nature itself tells God's great love

That He made the world for us to be comfortable to live

Now, after beholding God's nature there's no reason to doubt God at all

His love for you and me are lawful

He exerted efforts to create every living creture

Including you and me created in His own delineate

Don't feel that you are unloved

Because of the situation you are currently perceived

Or what you see at your sorroundings

Look into the nature then you will feel comforted despite the challenges

© 2022 Maria Loyda Calinawan

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