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The Narrow lanes

A poet & passionate reader as well as writer, indulged in spirituality, pursuing masters in psychology along with teaching English.


The Narrow Lanes

Merrily I started my journey

When I came out in the world

From the womb of my mother.

I cried, I smiled, I babbled and giggled

Watching the face of her

And all the other dear ones.

I remember not how I stood

And started to run on the ground

But I remember how I was helped;

I remember all the fingers and

The encouragement I received

Which empowered me to proceed.

Slowly I learnt to walk alone

But was scared to fall again

Somewhere on the path unknown.

In fear I searched for some companion

Who could be there with my motion

And help me out of every commotion.

Forgetting that everyone has limitation

I got dependent on my expectation

And at a point, I was left alone again.

With that single rightful realization

That I’ve to walk my path on my own

I got answers to many other emotions.

That’s when I learnt the vital lesson

Of exploring the roads on my own

Without any help or consideration.

That’s when I felt the real union

Of the Divine out with the one within

And was free from all the suspicion.

While walking on the narrow lanes

When I’ve no one besides,

Whether I cross it or have a fall

The only thing that matters

Is whether I tried or surrendered.

© 2021 Anupam Mitu

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