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The Narcissistic Approach


The conceited, those self-serving, egotistical of society,

Such are a vain-glorious presentation of all arrogance.

The Bigheaded, immodest, all to be much full of hot air,

So full of gall, egomaniacal, pompous in their presence.

So much to be in charge of the spotlight focused on each,

Causing a majority to close every ear, this as they preach.

Then when the time comes to show that they tell the truth,

Will Back away, withdraw into shadows, acting so uncouth.


The actors on this stage of life, to represent each's profile,

The honourable among us, conscientious, never to beguile.

The kind and sympathetic, all hold much more of credence,

While the boastful and aloof, of a detriment, in its essence.

The honest, courageous, all dependable, are grand to lead,

They exemplify the best of humanity, do help us to succeed.

They are never self-imbued, but are thinking only of others,

Knowing in their heart of hearts, all, our sisters and brothers.


Coming a new tomorrow and our world's so flung askew,

A lesson learned much too late, everything we should do.

No planning for our children, all their futures are so bleak,

The road tried and true, to be a right one we should seek.

Say goodbye to all freedoms, for they'll be there no more,

An honest day's work, equal wages, never to be in store.

Food for the hungry, clothes for the many, they are gone,

Shelters and medicine abolished, each bed cold as stone.

May our God protect us and keep us all.

May our God protect us and keep us all.

Now is the right time to make changes on this earth,

Never to leave this world, without showing our worth.

We all have a responsibility, as stewards, jobs to do,

Leaving our best marks in the soil where we all grew.

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