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The Name Game Change: Creating a New Literary Identity

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Hard to figure out where this player fits in the world

Was once part of a now cancelled series of stories

Aware that the program was meant to be concluded for a reason

Writing was getting stagnant and the players seemed to veer away

From the very essence of why they paired up in the first place

Fresh ideas and funny storylines drifted out of the forefront

Faded into the background while every day problems plagued them

Looking back she resented the fact she made herself

One half of the same show with a former partner

Regrettably named Stanley; even though he wasn't worthy

Of that beloved moniker by the end of the once delightful story

All that's left of that tale was a lot of syndicated episodes of the past

And a name that no longer fitted the leading lady

The idea of being called "Iris" now made her cringe in disgust

Past memories of a moldy love story devoid of love or any type of respect

Left with a partially bad taste in her mouth whenever memories of him

Pop up at the most unexpected of times

Random groundhogs coming out of their holes in the ground

Rearing their furry little heads to say hello, or whenever the past is forgotten

An unexpected Caddyshack style cameo minus the Kenny Loggins tune

Looking for a decent soundtrack from the 80s to commemorate them

No luck as of yet finding the right song to fit the cynical reminders

Sure, the cancellation of the series was only a few weeks ago

Wounds very fresh; haven't been cauterized yet

No energy or patience to do so.

Just bandaged up in order to not let them fester for too long

Managed to survive some common up and downs of a cancellation

Searching for new writers to come up with decent storylines for one

Instead of two leading characters to hang their hats on

Finally, decided to retire the Iris label for good.

No longer fit her new narrative; now that Stanley wasn't in it

Only problem was that new name hasn't come into play

None have been considered the right one to fit her character

Will for now be the unknown main character in a tale

That's still a work in progress

Better than being tied to a tale more like a sinking ship

Than a story worth watching or reading about

Only time will tell how this new story shapes out

Fingers crossed that it's better than ever.

A past reminder best left in the ground.

A past reminder best left in the ground.

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