The Naked RHYMES

Updated on November 19, 2017

Naked Gun:From the files of the Police Squad

FRANK DREBIN is on vacation.
On it, he meets some of the nations.
Greatest enemies ever.
Planning on humiliating the U.S forever.
Back in the states. Officer Nordberg.
Got word that a dock owner.
VINCENT LUDWIG has organized.
A drug operation and he wants inside.
While attempting to do it he's approached.
By Ludwig's henchmen on a boat.
Nordberg ends up being shot.
They get away but Nordberg has not.
He briefs his boss as he recovers.
Then visited by his brother.
Frank Drebin. Nordberg gives him clues.
The clues that he gives includes.
The ship that he was shot on.
Frank takes what he has and is gone.
Frank meets with TED OLSEN.
He let him examine Nordbergs Jacket.
He found it was coated with heroin.
He then gets a word from the captain.
Telling him to hide what has happened.
Frank pays a visit to Ludwig.
Goes to him intending.
Intending to say that he's been misled.
That officer Nordberg is not dead.
Meanwhile, Ludwig's assistant.
Assist Frank in his investigation.
He and JANE become close.
She learns that her boss has a drug boat.
When Frank leaves the office.
Ludwig meets with a terrorist.
To plan an assassination.
On Queen Elizabeth the second.
Ludwig agrees to do it.
Ludwig know's how he'd do it.
He first tries to have Nordberg killed.
But again he fails.
Ludwig leaves and Frank enters in.
Searching for more evidence.
Frank finds a note from the terrorist.
That confirms his suspicions.
He later has a run-in with his henchman.
Before confronting Ludwig with allegations.
Frank is aware of the attack.
Does what he can to stop the attack.
Eventually, he succeeds.
With his new love Jane helping.
Ludwig is trying to stop it all.
But takes a tumble in a drastic fall.

Leslie Nelson
Frank Drebin
Priscilla Presley
Jane Spencer
Ricardo Montalbin
Vincent Ludwig

Naked Gun 2 1/2:The Smell of fear

FRANK DREBIN is honored for his work.
President George Bush recognizes his worth.
JANE SPENCER is now separated from him.
Working for a doctor that's admired by him.
She is working late and discovers.
Discovers a suspicious man.
Departing and leaving in a van.
The next day, it's all exploded.
Frank interviews Jane about it.
She makes sure he's not lost.
They then go to the lonely blues bar.
Frank sees his boss at the bar.
Frank blows a chance to get closer.
But finds there's a bigger picture.
Dr. Meinheimer has been captured.
& replaced by EARL HACKER.
The Police Squad tracks the van driver.
Frank sees Meinheimer.
Who has no clue who he is?
Despite Jane once telling him.
That he had a good memory.
Frank confronts her to see.
She dismisses him but moments later.
She's threatened by the driver.
But Frank steps in and kills him.
Jane then realizes her love for him.
The Next day the squad figures out.
Where Meinheimer is and they stake out.
At Hexington Oil's headquarters.
Frank goes to undercover.
But Frank is discovered.
Being side by side with the Doctor.
They break free and invade the dinner.
Telling all that Earl is an imposter.
Meinheimer gives his speech.
Hapsburg doesn't stay to see.
He kidnaps Jane and informs Frank.
That he's rigged the building with a device.
That will kill all but him.
They disable the bomb and they kill him.

Leslie Neilson
Frank Drebin
Priscilla Presley
Jane Spencer
Robert Goulet
Quentin Hapsburg

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The final Insult

FRANK & JANE became husband and wife.
Frank is retired and living a happy life.
Not fighting crime day in and day out.
That is what his life was all about.
He feels unhappy not doing it.
Despite retirement, he still does it.
Jane tries hard to pull him away.
Hoping he'd become a father one day.
But now he's devoted to fighting crime.
he finds joy when police friends come by.
Meanwhile, at the station.
They catch wind of ROCCO DILLON.
Dillion is a well-known bomber.
Who's in jail now but will be out later.
He hired a familiar terrorist.
A big crime he plans to commit.
Apparently, he wants it safe this time.
So he invited Drebin to come inside.
Come inside the prison and befriend him.
Leak details to those around him.
The mission starts off being extremely taxing.
Frank's zeal for the squad makes his wife angry.
He joins Rocco in prison.
He wins his trust and starts planning.
Starts planning an escape.
First starting a riot with the inmates.
He and Rocco slip out.
They then go to his house.
He allows Frank to stay.
Stay there for a few days.
While his wife Jane.
Jane goes on a road trip.
But can't even focus on the trip.
Because she misses Frank.
So she calls home.
Thinking that Frank is at home.
So she gets no reply.
But she continues to try.
He left behind a clue.
She just followed the truth.
While Rocco reveals his plan.
To set off a bomb and kill all man.
Once the time was approaching.
Frank and Jane started searching.
Searching for the bomb.
But are not able to find the bomb.
So Frank goes out on stage.
While Rocco kidnaps Jane.
He decides to detonate the bomb.
But Frank keeps them all from harm.

Leslie Neilson
Frank Drebin
Priscilla Presley
Jane Spencer
Fred Ward
Rocco Dillon

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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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